6 incredible reasons to start using TikTok from now

If you are currently a TikTok user, here are a few persuasive arguments and ad features of TikTok which will convince you to use this platform to promote your business.

Capabilities for e-commerce-

Even though it is best known for its solutions to raise awareness and encourage participation, TikTok is known to be committed to provide a comprehensive range of marketing solutions. After launching a relationship with Shopify at the end of last year, TikTok’s reach has now expanded to 15 nations.

Shopify merchants can now access the TikTok For Business Ads Manager without having to leave the Shopify dashboard thanks to this new feature. Ecommerce companies stand to gain greatly from this from a strategic standpoint. 

Because of the integration with Shopify, they may contact potential consumers early in their decision-making process while researching TikTok. Now, when you will act smart and buy likes for TikTok from a reliable source like famoid, your brand will be the one which will experience the most benefits.

Improved Customer Satisfaction-

Many people focus on TikTok’s rapidly expanding user population, but the high level of interaction among its users is actually remarkable. According to data, rom April this year, aTikTok user tend to spend an average of 87 minutes a day on the platform. 

The quantity of time that marketers can tap into is enormous. In addition, TikTok’s material is a lot of fun to engage with. Brands have a captive audience, but these people are also actively participating in the material they view.


Layer in Brand Effects to make your adverts stand out. This is an AR tool for video overlays, similar to Snapchat’s Lenses. However, it is meant to emphasize the brand’s distinctive features. Due to its adaptability, CPG, retail, and entertainment are the most natural fit for this feature, but they may also be used in other industries, such as travel or automobiles.

If you want to ensure a high degree of engagement, brand recognition, and the possibility of sharing your material, you must trust famoidand buy likes from them.

The ‘Spark ads’-

Spark Ads, TikTok’s newest ad type, debuted earlier this summer. For this style, organic social material is used instead of advertising companies producing their own video content.

By using ‘Spark Ads’, marketers can sponsor and monetize organic content. Companies may sponsor content that has already garnered traction and shown its viability by investing it rather than generating and studying fresh material.

Challenges for Hashtags-

A well-executed hashtag challenge may have a positive impact on your business. By using hashtags, your company may become more integrated into the social media landscape by grabbing a big audience and producing high engagement.

When a hashtag challenge ends informally, the snowball effect might continue for days or weeks afterwards.

Make sure the Hashtag is Product-Related at all times-

It’s critical to incorporate the brand name and emphasize the product’s advantages in the content if you want people to continue to support your brand and remember its original purpose.