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The Do’s and Don’ts of Software Product Testing

Software products have grown to be a fundamental element of driving the entire global digital ecosystem. They convey together attributes like convenience, speed of operations, security, and privacy, amongst others. As customers grew to become selective using their preferences and also the competition among providers got intense, quality grew to become the main differentiator that helped a company stand above your competition. To guarantee the delivery of superior-quality products in the build pipeline and pre-empt customers from facing any difficulties with their performance, the previous ought to be exposed to rigorous software product testing. Over a length, quality assurance has become connected with standard processes, practices, and methodologies. These ought to be adopted in letter and spirit to boost quality, streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and become attentive to customer comments. However, a couple of QA practices have grown to be dated and really should be updated using the new trends. To know this better, let’s talk of some dos and don’ts about software program testing.

The do’s of software product testing

Quality Assurance (QA) is really a critical requirement within the product lifecycle to recognize and take away glitches. It will help to create a product competitive and let it satisfy the customer’s expectations. If QA isn’t area of the SDLC, the effects for the whole value chain could be severe.

•           The product would have glitches therefore impacting its performance.

•           Hackers can exploit the natural vulnerabilities to steal sensitive business and customer information.

•           Security protocols might opt for a toss using the business inviting censure and penalties from regulators.

•           The brand suffers hugely as adverse publicity through person to person will go viral.

•           Choose specific test cases for automation: Automation is paramount with regards to performing repetitive tests for example regression. However, care should automatically get to choose the best test cases for automation as test complexities can render such testing infructuous. To automate everything is not what you want about inside a software product testing strategy. There must be an effective selection qualifying criterion in position to select an evaluation situation for automation. If done the proper way, test automation delivers benefits that far over-shadow the expense.

•           Upgrade skills for automation: Despite the fact that automation is really a potent software product testing method, the abilities needed to complete exactly the same isn’t necessarily available. For just about any team opting for test automation included in the software product testing strategy, the QA team ought to be well-experienced with any of the programming languages for example Ruby, C#, JavaScript, or Python. Besides, they people must have the help of handling automation test tools like Selenium. The end result is more the testers have skills for automation, better would be the results of software product testing.

•           Quicken the interest rate of testing: Inside a non-Agile test atmosphere, testers are wont to depart a few of their difficult tests in the finish from the SDLC. However, this practice is problematic as testing the caliber of applications in the finish from the development process hinders delivery. Rather, the testing team should adopt a danger-based approach towards software product testing and execute our prime priority cases first.

•           Manage the testing atmosphere: Testers seeking deployment no more holds, for today, it’s much more about handling the test atmosphere by configuring the CI tool or Selenium grid. There must be cloud, containers, and virtualization, and the opportunity to write appropriate test scripts.

•           Shorter tests: The exam suites ought to be made shorter to allow better and faster recognition of glitches. Not everything ought to be tested inside a test scenario, for this will make troubleshooting difficult later.

•           Follow shift-left: The QA team should align itself using the team of developers through shift-left testing. By doing this, they can produce a better effect on the caliber of software and deliver it faster with the value chain. Also, shift-left helps developers to rapidly mitigate any glitches within the code and move to another sprint.

The don’ts of software product testing

Additionally towards the above-pointed out ‘dos,’ testers should follow some don’ts too to boost the caliber of testing and never departing almost anything to chance.

•           Tracking defects in lots of places: Have a single log of defective cases or glitches rather of documenting them in a variety of places – stand out sheets, tracking tools. A centralized repository for documenting glitches might help within their faster tracking and monitoring.

•           Focus on negative scenarios: Testers shouldn’t spend their powers on testing negative test scenarios which are less inclined to be utilised by the finish customers. Despite the fact that these ought to be tested throughout the test cycle, the priority ought to be looking for scenarios which are that appears to be utilized by the finish customers.

•           Avoid regression testing: Any change designed to the applying could affect specific regions of it unless of course regression tests are transported out. Frequently testers have the vista that regression testing could be prevented because the features or functionalities to become tested have been done earlier. However, any assumption in connection with this could be fraught with danger because the changes may cause defects in other parts of the applying.

•           Automate everything: This follows in the ‘dos’ pointed out above where only specific test cases ought to be automated. The testing team should leave some space for manual testing as automation doesn’t lend itself to each possible scenario. For instance, any wrong code within the test script can break the testing exercise.


With quality developing the centerpiece in making certain success associated with a software program, testing or QA can’t be overlooked. Actually, it ought to be built-into the SDLC together with development to recognize and connect glitches whenever they happen. However, the QA team should religiously stick to the dos and don’ts to prevent any negative fallout of testing. The goal, ultimately , ought to be to provide the best consumer experience and get Return on investment.